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My Vulnerability (BoyxBoy)

My Vulnerability (BoyxBoy)

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lighs By liquid_light Updated Dec 28, 2013

I could feel his stare in the back of my head. It was so obvious that it was painful. He frightens me. I could try running but he would catch me. I could try hiding but he would find me. "Theres nowhere to go, give in" he told me. He wrapped me in his cold embrace and buried his face in my hair, taking a deep breath. I wimpered, knowing what was coming next. He became my fear and I beacome his obsession.

pippasherlok pippasherlok Aug 01, 2016
Can't help but think of a certain Winchester when I read that...
                              Embrace the gay!
invisableMe invisableMe Jun 07, 2016
So, since the new guy, Alex, is supposedly short according to the description when he first entered the classroom, is Jason taller than him?
Yurioisanoreo Yurioisanoreo Jun 08, 2016
Omfj this explained me im my English Class. I feel bad for my teacher because she is really nice and does not like to yell but she has to when the idiots in my class won't shut up.
EasterQuaid EasterQuaid Apr 28, 2016
No Hun when u refer to someone as " SEx on legs" and they r the same gender...UR gay or ATLEAST bi
Guslynne Guslynne Mar 04, 2014
Weird, I don't get a weird vib from Alex, but that is probably becasue I am so in love with vamps
dragneel123 dragneel123 Jan 05, 2013
Umm well I'm on the first chapter it's great!! It's just can you look it over please!!! It's awesome !! Just a bit of how the words are placed in the sentience. But it's awesome I'll be reading all of the book thanks :D