The Shadow Prince

The Shadow Prince

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Yui Ismutomo By Justme_Ai Updated Apr 06


"How do you know my name?"

"I was waiting for you to come back"


"To come back to where you belong"

Lucia is a nerd who always feels alone, no friends and always hide from the world behind her books. She thought her encounter with a wounded man in front of the Silent forest is one of her imagination, until she's coming back to her grandmother's hometown when she past away.

She realize that the old scary story is not just a story...

  • kiss
  • knight
  • lover
  • mistis
  • shadow
  • vampire
Rachel325 Rachel325 Oct 03, 2016
I like the book but I'm going outta my mind trying to put the grammar into the right context. You're doing OK tho if English isn't your first language.
scarletchance scarletchance Oct 13, 2015
That place looks like the house in the boy in the striped pajamas
cloudlove15 cloudlove15 Sep 16, 2015
I really like the book but I feel like I need to help really x.x my eyes keep reading the grammar and I feel the need to help correct it.
Justme_Ai Justme_Ai Mar 16, 2015
@niloce2 Hi there.. thanks for read and like my stories. yeah.. I'm a bit struggling with grammar buy decide to keep writing or my mind going to explode.
Justme_Ai Justme_Ai Dec 17, 2014
@Juliet305 thank you,it always a great thing to know someone likes my story
Juliet305 Juliet305 Dec 17, 2014
holy crap!!! yes!!! can't wait but take your time because I get that you have a life and the more dedication you put into the chapter the better it will be.