The target girl || Luke Hemmings

The target girl || Luke Hemmings

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WARNING: i wrote this when i was 12/13 so my writing and grammar is probably really sucky. it can be pretty cringy 99% of the time. so read if you want! :) I WOULDNT RECOMMEND LOL BUT thanks for reading, if you do. <3

Taylor Mitchell was the target girl, or at least that's how she saw herself. 

Luke Hemmings was lead singer in 5 seconds of summer. 

Regardless of that, Somewhere in between their laughs, cries and arguments, Luke Hemmings And Taylor Mitchell fell in love. 

In his eyes she was much more than a girl working at target.

And in her eyes he was much more than a lead singer.

BUT AUSTRALIANS ARE FREAKIN ATTRACTIVE MANNNNNN. And what about the kangaroos and koalas and all other marsupials that all seem to originate from Australia?!