This. Is. War

This. Is. War

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When Megan Collins returns from London to L.A her hometown, after 8 years, she doesn't know what awaits her. 
Although she left when she was a little kid now things had changed, and for the worst, or so she thinks. When she meets Aiden Haynes again she is completely shocked to see how much he has grown up and changed, but there is one thing that she knows for sure that hasn't changed. That is their mutual hate. Or is it really mutual hate? Well she doesn't know. The only thing she knows is that Aiden is back in her life and with the whole package of his so 'famous pranks'. When they where kids that was just a simple game for him and a living nightmare for her. 

But now she wants to play the game too and give him a little taste of his own medicine. Where there would be fights, childish arguments, a LOT of embarrassment, plans gone wrong, and feelings getting involved. 
Now this isn't a simple game anymore, this has gone to a whole new level.

Now This Is War. 

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td0012 td0012 Jul 15
aye, the high school football team the guy on the cover plays(ed) for is the high school I would've gone to before they built the new high school!
Of course! How could we forget the God blessed sour patch kids?
OH MY GOD!!! I love Full House! IAm i like the only 15 year old here who love Full House? Oh and they made a new one with DJ, Stephanie and Kimmy called Fuller House if you didn't know it's on Netflix :D
This paragraph is literally me. Except I had pizza so just the full hous part...
lorrita2 lorrita2 Feb 07
She's just like youtubers , perfect outfit buys in cool stores and drinks coffee every day
arikr3 arikr3 Jan 05, 2015
I think the pp of to put is *put. Anyways, liking it so far :)