The Hybrid (completed slowly editing)

The Hybrid (completed slowly editing)

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Hi i'm winter snow, yea i know thats a weird name.i live in Chicago with my mom we have a good relationship and every one thinks i look just like her. i am light skinned with long brown hair , grey eyes and a nice body i think . the only difference between me and my mom is that her eyes are green people says she looks like my older sister. so today is when all the trouble begins.

i'm walking down stairs to go eat breakfast and i know something is not right, because i smell my favorite breakfast which is french toast,eggs,and ham. my mom only cooks when something bad happens or she has something to tell that is not so good, any other time we eat take out. as i head in to the kitchen i hear the ham sizzling, my mothers back is to me when i call her she is tense.

"mom" i said "what is wrong?" 

"why does something have to be wrong snow?" my mom asked 

"because you are cooking my favorite breakfast and you never cook unless something is wrong', " so give it to me straight" 

"well " my ...

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Wolfish_Bambi Wolfish_Bambi Sep 06, 2017
Mmmmmmmh, smile Bambi. I know it'sa fixer upper in the grammar and spelling department, but it isn't that bad. Very good plot, a few tweeks to the description department but other wise it is a beautiful canvas of art!
ladys1745 ladys1745 May 28, 2017
I hope he dont take his daughter or kill her mother. Great Book
MissDimpless_ MissDimpless_ Oct 01, 2016
Always lightskined. Sometimes its nice to see brown skinned and dark skinned as well. My own opinion.
phenomabombs phenomabombs Sep 17, 2014
yeah no. I absolutely hate it when people don't put quotes around dialogue. Sorry, but I'm not continuing
RYLEAA RYLEAA Mar 14, 2014
                              (  -.- )
                              (..) (..)
                              Ugh, I know the feeling.. I've moved like 6-7 times. (Around the same area though)
conecha conecha Dec 09, 2012
@YesemelyCabrera thanks for that this is my first one. I will try to get better