Her Touch (Gale) {Fairy Tail AU}

Her Touch (Gale) {Fairy Tail AU}

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Hey Fairies!! Here's another collab with the amazing BambooGreen!! :D This one is in celebration of Halloween! And, it won't be quite as fluffy as the last one. 
Happy reading!! ^_^/


The city was loud, as usual, but I didn't let the noise bother me as I made my way to the edge of town. There, there was a place that some looked at with fear, others with hate, and most with wonder. There, all manner of beings gathered to protect those who shyed away. It was a place called, Fairy Tail. We were mercenaries,  protectors and fighters. 

Everyone there was different, they weren't human.

From the master, Markarov, who was a powerful oni. Natsu, a dragon in human skin, Lucy, a golden spirit who had the power of the stars and Juvia, a water sprite who could make it rain for days or even grant the desert a tsunami. And then,  there's me. I wasn't a normal human, though most of my friends will surly out live me. I am what's known as a preternatural,  or a soulless depending on who yo...

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characet characet Feb 26, 2016
In every "love at first sight" scene, I'll forevermore think of Juvia
characet characet Feb 26, 2016
When you think about his hair, werewolf fits fine. Just imagine a wolf ears and tail.
BlazeDrazon_Dragneel BlazeDrazon_Dragneel Apr 10, 2016
Natsu, start a fight, never!! Why would he do that. I wonder
LeroyJankinsIII LeroyJankinsIII Sep 08, 2016
One question how did Lissana come back? I didn't catch up on Fairy Tail yet
FairytailOtaku101 FairytailOtaku101 Jan 10, 2016
                              SOO HOT
                              IN JELOUS LEVY 
                              I EMVY U
                              U Get THE GOT GUYS
                              AND U TOO LUCY AND JUVIA
                              I GESS MIRA AND LISANNA
                              PLUS JUVIA
Ozi_Girl_16 Ozi_Girl_16 Dec 28, 2015
question so if a werewolf bit her would she have a longer life spand