Katekyo hitman reborn: The Rainbow Seal (completed)

Katekyo hitman reborn: The Rainbow Seal (completed)

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Fujimoto Misaki By chinfernluvzzz Completed

Some said that it was just a legend.

Some said that that blood has died.

Yet, they are still some that seek the one for that great immense power.

Yukiko Tomaru, is the one that born with the power to control and destroy the powers of rainbow that had been passing down from generation to generation. 

She is a nobody seeking to find the truth behind her power and that special blood of hers. This power has a curse. She, due to the curse, is not being able to live longer than 27, might lose her mind if the power overtaken her.

Hiding from place to place, she reached Namimori and met Tsuna and friends. From there on, the truth slowly comes to light. Will she able to break the curse with their help or to bring them more harm?

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DerpyDud DerpyDud Mar 24
the rare story where each chapter is long, completed book and no homo
Belbovino Belbovino Feb 01, 2017
Great chapter. I'm curious to read the next chapters. 👍🏾👍🏾
GlassySkysClear88 GlassySkysClear88 Oct 21, 2016
Oh my gosh
                              There used to be a dog named Coco in my apartment. She died because someone ran her over with a car. #__#
chinfernluvzzz chinfernluvzzz Jun 07, 2015
Hahaha i wish but i am not:) I'm just simply love Japan that's all:)) and thanks for your support!!
AuthorJackieWang AuthorJackieWang Jun 05, 2015
Are you Japanese? This story seems interesting and the cover is super pretty! Good job! :)