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Two Types of Chemistry (Kevedd)

Two Types of Chemistry (Kevedd)

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alliandria By alliandria Updated Feb 24

Kevin Barr, a die heart football player is failing chemistry and needs to get his grades up to stay on the team. His teacher suggests that he gets tutoring from Eddward Vincent, top of the class. Edd has a secret crush on Kevin whilst Kevin is developing, well he doesn't know what for Edd. Which type of chemistry will they really study? 

Disclaimer: This is a boyxboy fan fiction, don't like don't read. 
There will be smut later in the story. 
Nathan Goldberg belongs to c2ndy2c1d and other characters belong to the creators of Ed, Edd, and Eddy.
The description of any parents of this story are my own and not copied from anyone else.

Pkflash Pkflash May 11
You are manipulated by the autor, so just be quiet and don't worry, everything Will be ok, just let yourself enjoy what we want ^^ (>:3)
Pkflash Pkflash May 11
"hey double D, i need some help for chemistry, could you lend me a helping hand (7u7r)? Otherwise you will not leave me another choice but force you 'cause i'm the seme, point, and no buts but YOUR butt got it?!"
esaenz0903 esaenz0903 4 days ago
He's not gonna be saying that when he's eating Kevin's meat! 😂
mapleuaf mapleuaf Mar 31
I thought about the napoleon dinamite movie when I read this
Pkflash Pkflash May 11
Hurt you "at all" (meaning: i'll f #& you against the wall so hard that you won't be able to walk in months...)
Pkflash Pkflash May 11
The ones that knows are potential nerds (ukes), so if you don't know what it means, the bright side is that you are the seme ^^ (and i didn't knew it until some Years ago, guess what... T u T)