Love At It's Purest (Yandere Levi X Reader)

Love At It's Purest (Yandere Levi X Reader)

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奈緒美兵長 By japanislife6868 Completed

Levi Rivialle is trapped.... trapped in a room called love and desire. His heart stops every time he sees you ' occasionally'. 

Everyday, he would secretly follow you around headquarters, the training grounds, the mess hall, anywhere where there are people that would try and steal you away from him.

Every night, he would sneak into your room and look down at your innocent sleeping features. Secretly pleasuring himself over and over again...

Everywhere you went, a certain Corporal followed behind. Although Levi is sly, cunning, and overall clever... his schemes at claiming you as his alone is collapsing quicker than he thought. Giving him less time to think on what the actual hell is going on.

What will the love driven man do to keep you his? Kill of course... but how will he stop people from getting even more suspicious than they already are?

Thank you so much to girl_gamer519 for the amazing cover.

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Illumi-nii Illumi-nii Jun 04, 2017
You know what the worst feeling is,it's having Levi look down on you because your shorter then him
HHNebula HHNebula Aug 17, 2017
I like the erection... um oops I mean the direction this story is going.
uglylozr uglylozr Aug 02, 2017
damn just make him taller in this story i dont wanna be short ;-;
Fangirl62271 Fangirl62271 Apr 04, 2017
Wth it's the 5'3 thing I'm 12 and home schooled what is this
MyeBookz MyeBookz Apr 04, 2017
What are you sorry for? For such an amazing story? 😍 Then I agree. I'm totally fangirling here! ❤🙆 I don't care when you wrote (bc it's a little weird to comment when it already was a year ago or so...) but I had to tell you I love it! 😱💕
HHNebula HHNebula Aug 17, 2017
I don't mind that I written shorter in height and I enjoyed that Levi was about to fap to my stolen panties. Good stuff.