My New Papa boyxboy

My New Papa boyxboy

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so this is my fist story on here so please give it a chance and no haters aloud. this is a boyxboy story and it is rated R because of certain things that will happen later on in this story.


Summary: 17 year old Alekander is an orphan that gets adopted by the one and only Mr. Gallows a wealthy business man. Mr. Gallows runs everything from simple company's to the hottest clubs known around the world. So what will Alekander do when he begins to grow feelings for his new papa that happens to be only eight years older than him.

Daddys_Angel_FL Daddys_Angel_FL Oct 30, 2016
I feel bad for him, because he thinks his father is the hottest man alive... But I think it will make the plot AWESOME!
Soccerbabe97 Soccerbabe97 Jun 17, 2016
Is she trying to get slapped??!! She needs to take it down like 7 notches and have several seats.
blakegayboy blakegayboy Mar 17, 2016
creamed my pants xD imma use that one day. if its ok with ya
Lambiepup Lambiepup Aug 04, 2016
His names starts with an a like angel and papa is l like Lucifer. Confidence I think not
xXGummie_BearsXx xXGummie_BearsXx Jul 28, 2016
You kinda can't blame her she's a maid and constantly cleaning and maybe even cooking is her job.  I know I would be cranky as well.
Daddys_Angel_FL Daddys_Angel_FL Oct 30, 2016
Ya. Dat bitch betta get da F OUT! *pus out torture tools*😇