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Maybe (A Thomas Brodie-Sangster fanfiction)

Maybe (A Thomas Brodie-Sangster fanfiction)

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crankynewt By crankynewt Completed

Brooke has never been the type of girl who falls head over heels for a boy. In fact, she didn't believe there was one kindhearted boy at her school. Besides, Brooke has everything she needs, a heaping stock of books, a hilarious bestfriend, and her adorable dog. So who needs a relationship, right?
But when she meets a cute new exchange student, will all of that suddenly change? 
Maybe she was wrong about her feelings the whole time?
Maybe this boy could be the boyfriend she has secretly wanted her entire life.

I look like lazy white trash when I try to put my hair up so if I was her, I'd still be screwed
lucieexx lucieexx May 04
i wake up at 5 so i can use my phone for an hour like ^^ then leave at 7:20 so i can catch the train to school cos you know life
fangirl6305 fangirl6305 May 01
We always have to do that. If it's raining we sit in the auditorium and one time we watched Willy wonka 😂
SMH2005 SMH2005 Mar 15
At my school we have to wait 15 minutes outside and only come in if it raining or below 15 degrees. Seriously if it's 16 degrees we stay outside. It's so flicking annoyinggggg
i wake up at 5, use my phone for an hour, then get ready until 7:20
Isabele1111111111 Isabele1111111111 2 days ago
Omg there are twins in my grade named Brooke and Rachel...they are so mean though😂