Callpuck Prison (boyxboy)

Callpuck Prison (boyxboy)

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'Fucking hell, what a fucking beauty.' A buff man said, approaching me.

 'I'll make you mine babe, and you'll scream my name so loud that even the guards will know that you belong to me,' He whispered in my ear whilst he grabbed my arm.

As a 17 year old, young and fit boy, it's no surprise everyone in Callpuck Prison wants a piece of Aaron. It's hard enough for Aaron to deal with the attention, but finding a secure gang in prison to protect him is a whole other thing. 

What is Aaron meant to do when everybody wants him, but not everybody wants to share him?

I would bit*h slap their fudging face!! How dare they touch my boy's ass 😬😬😬
Annehelo Annehelo 6 days ago
I'm sorry but this author doesn't understand the basic rules of law. He doesn't even get to go to court! And also he's 17 so he's supposed to go to juvie unless he lives in some weird country where people don't have rights
syd104 syd104 Jun 17
Everyone you think is good is just as bad they're just better at hiding it
Prison is like the best hook- up place for gays  or rape place .....
What did i sign in for..... well it's to late for me to go back