Them and Us ✓

Them and Us ✓

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[HP/HOO Book 1]-Trilogy now completed -UNDERGOING HEAVY EDITING! 

The seven and Calypso go to hogwarts, what will the golden trio think of them, how will the demigods like the wizards, how will the wizards like the demigods?
All is fine. Or as fine as it can be for a bunch of demigods and wizards
Until a new enemy who wants revenge takes two of the most important members of the team hostage and makes them do what he tells them to.
How will they defeat this terrifying enemy.  

I wrote this book when I was first starting out on Wattpad. It is extremely predictable and has many grammatical and spelling errors. You have been warned.

I do not own Percy Jackson or harry potter.
I only own the plot
Creds to the artists of the art used on this cover. I edited it all together.

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Trying to stay in this story without screaming and getting a headache is harder than I thought.
My grammar nazi senses are tingling. TRYING. NOT. TO. CORRECT. UGHMMG. *MUFFLED SOUNDS*. AGGHGHHHH
She calls Leo babe in the hidden oracle. 😂 
                              The tides have turned.
But if orders come from Leo they are the BEST orders! (Not really.)
*le facepalm* The only reason I'm even reading Trials of Apollo is because a friend bullied me into it...I hate the guy
When I saw that the seven were here I did my fandom happy dance. Usually its just Percy and\or Annabeth which make me sad