Doors That Lead to Nowhere

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RSByford By RSByford Updated 2 years ago
...Never before had the city been breached. Never before had a shadow intruded upon its light. It has fallen. And all which stands between the beginning and the end is lost. The darkness runs deep now. The tide of chaos approaches. It is swallowing us. Forgive me, forgive us all.
Truly amazing prologue
                                    I'm really surprised that you don't have more reads!
I adore your writing style already. Informative yet still smooth and not forced. You have the ability to bring words to life. :3
WOW this is really fast paced and suspenseful! I can tell I'm going to enjoy this :D
Such great use of imagery! Wow! This is excellent! I couldn't find any problems with grammar, nor could I find anything that needed tightening! Truly excellent!
This is intriguing! I love your writing style and Vascar seems like a very interesting character. I always admire when writers make up a world all their own from scratch. It's not an easy thing to do. Bravo!
Fast paced, engaging and some great word choices. Definitely going to be reading on.