A Trio Of Tigers: Blood-arc Series, #1 - (BoyxBoyxBoyxBoy)

A Trio Of Tigers: Blood-arc Series, #1 - (BoyxBoyxBoyxBoy)

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SpidersAndTea By SpidersAndTea Updated Oct 14, 2017

Stealing, lying and running away is all that Gunner knows. Gunner has been a thief since he was old enough to walk, and strangely enough he loves every part of it. 

He knows it's wrong to steal, but it's the only thing that has kept him on his feet and alive all these years. He doesn't have a choice. On one of his trips he decides to take a detour, and instead of meeting the police he runs into a trio of tigers. There is a big problem though - Gunner hates animals - and he hates trouble even more.

"No one is so brave that he is not disturbed by something unexpected." - Julius Caesar.

Book #1 of the Blood-arc Series.
Three's a lucky number,
So be thankful if you ever run into it.
One may be an accident.
Two may be a coincidence.
But three was meant to happen.
Don't deny that you feel that too,
that thread of destiny that flows between you.
If you don't believe it, run away 
And hide inside your shelter of doubt.
Even if you can hide for a short while,
You won't be able to stay inside that nest of fear forever.

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tenebraeaeternae tenebraeaeternae Oct 02, 2016
I am IN LOVE with male polyamorous relationships. There really aren't enough stories out there like this so thank you thank you  thank you!!!
Changer_1998 Changer_1998 Nov 05, 2015
the moment I saw four, I'M IN. sick of triangles I want a square!
SilverArdour SilverArdour Aug 12, 2015
'There will be four men in a relationship--' Adds in reading list.
ARMYPrincessSarahlee ARMYPrincessSarahlee Jul 03, 2015
I think it's so sad that this type of genre almost always needs/has this kind of disclaimer.
dacora dacora Feb 22, 2015
I am really interested by the concept of multiple gay men in a relationship does that even happen
lilingppg007 lilingppg007 Nov 08, 2014
I read the summary, and the summary of your other stories and I'm already in love with you for using quotes. And the nice thingies(idk what to call them) below the quotes. You are my favourite person.