The Son of Chaos- Percy Jackson Betrayed

The Son of Chaos- Percy Jackson Betrayed

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leish240 By leish240 Updated May 15, 2017

Percy lived a life which everyone would dream of. He was the saviour of Olympus, he completed many quests to be there but he wouldn't of been able to do it without his friends.

Well, who he thought was his friends.

Friends are meant to stick by your side, giving you support along the way when no one else is around. Unfortunately sometimes this is not the case, which is sad to think that after years of friendship it would be blown away because of one guy.

Sam, just his name made Percy cringe and want to attack the guy. With his sago as big as his fathers, Sam a son of Apollo challenged Percy with his patience.

Percy lived another life without them, forgot that they were even his friends. Instead, he was saved. Saved by a man that no demigod has ever heard of.

His name was Chaos, creator of the earth. 

The earth that shattered Percy into a million pieces, no one there to help him pick up the pieces.

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tamu19 tamu19 Mar 24, 2017
Cous in law Thalia......I'm so sorry *shakes head* you got left with this noob
The_Names_Pxel The_Names_Pxel Aug 12, 2017
No offence intended towards the name Sam
                              Twas only a jest.
                              I mean a joke.
                              It was a joke.
Jcgirl39 Jcgirl39 Jun 05, 2017
Ok, Poseidon, this is gonna hurt. . . a lot, *whispers* not that I'm sorry
-Moonlace- -Moonlace- Sep 30, 2016
*facepalm* wouldn't Thalia be mad if she heard this I think so..
Mommaearth Mommaearth Jan 04, 2017
Dont shed a sad tear for losing her
                              Shed a happy one for knowing the truth
HunterOfArtemis89 HunterOfArtemis89 Mar 16, 2016
Why Athena, why? I thought after going into Tartarus and giving up immortality for her you would at least start to like him