The Forgotten Princess

The Forgotten Princess

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There once was a legend that the Kuran family had two daughters. Whispers erupted among society. Many believed such tale was simply a myth, for they all knew Rido would only snatch them away. But unbeknownst to them, that simple rumor, that tale is in fact very true. The Kuran family indeed have two daughters. It was known to the world that Juri conceived a daughter named Yuki, while the other was hidden from society. 

The elder sister between the two was bestowed the name Akahina. She was far more beautiful than Yuki and possessed a very special power, magic. It was uncommon for a pure blood to possess a power so great. Because of this, she became the family's precious treasure. 

Many would think she would be the center of attention, but her life was an isolated and lonely one. While her family neglected her presence, Kaname was the only one who saw her, but the moment her trust was betrayed by the very one she loved, she left and so did her memories. The Kurans believed that she fled when Rido attacked the manor, but they were oh so very wrong. Her family was the very reason why she left in the first place. 

"It is better to be feared than loved,"

These are the memoirs of the forgotten princess, Akahina

Shall we take a glimpse of her memories?

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Haha I was rubbing my eyes when I was reading so I read "Hello poops!" instead of "Hello peeps" at first and I was like O_O
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Maybe the name was originally Kasai but the author changed their mind and accidentally left this in?
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"Shall we begin?" -Ryuk
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I think you meant to those of greed and selfishness not to those of greed and selflessness. Calling them selfless is complimenting them....