How to not make a cliché story

How to not make a cliché story

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EpicCroft By EpicCroft Updated May 08, 2017

Wattpad stories tend to be cliché, and I speak for more then myself when saying this. It's everywhere in every genre. 

This story's purpose is to clean up the copying and repetitive story plague that circles this site.

This is an advice book. The advice is my opinion so please take that into consideration. 

This book may not update for long periods of time until inspiration is found.

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HawkfrostedTips HawkfrostedTips Dec 21, 2017
I write fanfictions because who am I kidding, I'm Warriors and Rayman trash. Plus, throwing in your own characters and thinking about how the others would interact around them is so fun.
Stories4life5000 Stories4life5000 Dec 02, 2017
tbh  I like cliché book as long as there written good and isn't the exact same as ever other story
Ahashi192 Ahashi192 Dec 13, 2017
I write fanfictions because it's easier than coming up with all these new characters, information, other stuff like that. I make one OC per fanfiction. Most of the time it's the same O.C.
Partypenguin16 Partypenguin16 Sep 21, 2017
I am a sucker for reading cliche I can't help it. Some are just bad but I love a well written cliche. I can't help it. I like knowing how it will end
biribirimon biribirimon Jul 17, 2017
I just write Digimon fanfictions 'cause it has so many different universes 👌🏼
For fan fiction the only one that's going to the top is that has huge fan base. I write fan fiction, and I think fan fiction is a good way to learn. In fact I started learning how to write novel and noticed how I interested in writing, is because of fan fiction.