Once Upon a December (OHSHC)

Once Upon a December (OHSHC)

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They were cold, and she was warm. They were mean, and she was kind. But most of all, they saw cruelty, and she saw hope.

They first crossed paths on a snowy day. A stroke of luck, or perhaps a curse. She wanted to thaw their hearts, to break down the barrier between her and them. But the time wasn't right, and she only failed.

Six years later, the girl has changed. She is cold. She is mean. And most of all, she sees cruelty. The world is no longer a place filled with magic and beauty; now, it is a dwelling to thrive academically. A place to fulfill her father's hopes of becoming a diplomat. Lost is her sense of wonder. Lost are her dreams.

Six years later, the boys have changed. They are warm. They are kind. And most of all, they see hope. To them, the world has gone from bleak and boring, to colourful and vivid. They live to enjoy, and they spend not a moment lingering in the threads of gloom that once trapped them.

Three people. One fated meeting. The second one begins with uncertainty and tension. She was the first to show them kindness. Now it was their turn. 

One boy, a gentle boy, will try to rekindle the fire in her hardened heart. But to heal is much harder than to break. And broken she was.

There is hope, and there is cruelty. But most of all, there is possibility.


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