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The Return of Leo Valdez (After Blood of Olympus)

The Return of Leo Valdez (After Blood of Olympus)

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Child of Hephaestus By annaf2002 Completed

Everyone at Camp Half blood and Camp Jupiter believe Leo is dead.

However, Leo is very much alive. He just reunited with Calypso, the most beautiful deity he's ever seen. Now Leo and Calypso must make their way back from Ogygia to Camp Half-Blood. It seems like an impossible task, trekking over 1,000 miles on a rickety old dragon with monsters everywhere, on every corner. But Leo built the Argo 2, tamed the metal dragon, channeled fire. You can't stop him. You can't stop the repair boy.

Meanwhile, other problems arise for the rest of the seven. Frank, Reyna and Hazel must make it back to Camp Jupiter alive in one piece. Simple enough? Wrong. It's completely on foot with monsters flooding the streets. Also, old memories begin to haunt the team, that may change them forever.

The rest of the seven, joined by the Hephaestus cabin, must figure out a way to locate Leo, and get him back to camp safely. However, one factor stands in their way, The curse of cabin 9.

*book trailer inside*
*do not read unless you have finished the blood of Olympus. (Duh.)*
*All rights go to Rick Riordan*

DISCLAIMER: some people have told me that these events in the book resemble some scenes in "Trails of Apollo." Anything that seems to resemble Trails of Apollo is purely a coincidence. I have not read Trails of Apollo and I will not read it until I have finished this book. This book began long before the Trails of Apollo was published.

Well, Idk Leo, you went to Ogygia, was there a Burger King there?
I love burger king. I love getting those crowns. ( I know right?)
I LOVE this story though, if you want, maybe you can check out mine, Caleo, it's not got very much done, and because I'm still in school, I don't get much time to work, but I think it's pretty good and maybe you can help make it better (you clearly know how to write good Caleo fanfic)
ChattyNeko1 ChattyNeko1 Feb 14
I'm not even into the second sentence into the story before bursting into a fit of laughter. Why? Because I read fetus instead of festus.
Really Leo? A iPad? Of all the things in the world like tacos, or cars, you chose the iPad.  #Tacosforlife)
InvaderSil InvaderSil Jan 01
I like it, most Leo Valdez fanfics I read are crap. Nice work so far! :D