The Warrior of Artemis

The Warrior of Artemis

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Loveless By SoMakeItCount Updated Mar 30, 2015

There is a man named Perseus Jackson. He is the Savior of Olympus, Slayer of Monsters, Son of Poseidon, Guardian of the Good, and The Warrior of Artemis. 

Follow Percy on his journey of betrayal, heartbreak, and depression. See how his life turns upside down. Believe that the man-hating Hunters of Artemis, had taken in Percy as their Guardian and their brother.

(All rights go to Rick Riordan and his amazing talent at writing books)
A/N this is my first book so if you have any suggestions, ways I can make my story better, etc. PLEASE tell me!!


  • betrayal
  • depression
  • huntersofartemis
  • olympus
  • percyjackson
  • pertemis
DamBlueRules DamBlueRules Mar 13, 2017
OMGs... That's the cliche line you always hear in movies or read in books then you're like SCHIST!
yaisha12 yaisha12 Dec 07, 2017
Oh you just the usual you loving her and her cheating you loving her and her cheating on you nothing could go wrong
beenthere569 beenthere569 Jun 04, 2017
Dam it Thalia, you jinxed it too! Why does everyone want Percy's proposal to go wrong?
demigodvixen demigodvixen Nov 06, 2015
U two could of been great as twins lol what could go wrong lol or siblings
TheMaidenOfTheHunt TheMaidenOfTheHunt Sep 28, 2015
I'm pretty sure that the rest of us (fangirls) are quite happy that he died
CallMeBlaine CallMeBlaine Apr 30, 2015
But imagine if this storyline was the first Percy Jackson book? Like a prequel? It would've been awesome, and made the series better, in my opinion. What do you think?