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The Luna's Alpha

The Luna's Alpha

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anonymous588634 By anonymous588634 Updated Nov 13, 2016

18 Year old werewolf, Crystal isn't in a hurry to find her mate anytime soon.She doesn't want to be controlled by some sexist mate. She is independent and wants to be that way for a while.She is forced to attend alpha Jason's party that is held in attempt to find his mate. She is sure that Jason is a posh, conceited alpha douche. What happen's when she finds out that Alpha Jason is her mate? Can she be mated to an alpha knowing their possessive and protective nature? Can She turn her life story from alpha's Luna, to Luna's alpha? But a possessive alpha wont be her only concern as crystal is learning that she is no ordinary werewolf

pandalover2468 pandalover2468 Aug 25, 2016
Isn't that the same house they used for the blank space video
punch-a-dolphin punch-a-dolphin Jul 11, 2016
When I was little I used to get 'alliance' and 'allowance' mixed up, so whenever my friends and brother and I played Risk (even though I didn't know how to play) I would say 'does anyone want an allowance?' And it was so embarrassing
Treblestar Treblestar Aug 28, 2015
ANNABETH! OMZ! I really hope you add Someone named Percy at some point! lol
Treblestar Treblestar Aug 28, 2015
wow, I just started reading this and I think I'm probably gonna read the whole thing..and hope you keep writing more!
Disissoamazing1234 Disissoamazing1234 Mar 17, 2015
Hey its stay or go again and I gotta say this book is very interesting. I love this cover as well
SuzAnneHambright SuzAnneHambright Feb 20, 2015
That's really good so far. I love how you started it. I can't wait to read the next chapter.