I Have Somewhere To Be In 134 Years! (Black Butler)

I Have Somewhere To Be In 134 Years! (Black Butler)

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Lan By SquareProductions Updated Jul 05, 2017

Sam is an average 21st century girl. Well, if you consider sneaking out at night and dressing like a boy, normal. 

On one of her night errands, she comes across a doll which looks like her, on a display of a weird shop in a dark alley. 

With some window breaking and tripping on invisible gnomes, she finds herself in Victorian Britain, which is quite different than it seems in history class. To her amazement she meets characters of Black Butler and helps them with their strange cases, which also include her past; or future in that case.

Oh. One more thing. They mistake her for a boy due to her unorthodox clothing.

How long will Sam keep the masquerade for before she falls?


Disclaimer *I do not own Black Butler or any characters apart from my own OC, so don't kill me!*

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Hold on why is no one addressing the fact that she took out a twenty for a peach? That peach better take me to wonderland!
Fml_atm Fml_atm Apr 08
According to the comments, this will be good. (obvious 1st timer)
PookieChips1017 PookieChips1017 Dec 04, 2017
The first word I see when I start reading is this......
                              HOLY MOTHER OF GOD THIS IS AMAZING
Who else goes into there closets just to rap blackpink lyrics.... no one..... alright then
raptordragon raptordragon Sep 26, 2017
Lol I'm just this 
                              I feel sooooooo loved
                              Not really I don't know you ppl
I don't even know what I dress in. I don't think my clothes are unisex cuz honestly. . . I just pick up whatever smells clean not even knowing if they're my clothes or not😂