His Ex-Wife

His Ex-Wife

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Stefanie Herrera By dazzelment91 Completed

Malia found her husband that man she vowed to forever love cheating on her with not one but with multiple women at the same time. Betrayed by her husband Mason she vowed to never let him or anyone hurt or humiliate her again!

But the question of her heart remains will she be able to love again?

Cover Credit to @damn_Daniel

KarinaDominguez9 KarinaDominguez9 Mar 26, 2016
Oh i get it now. Somebody told him she cheated thats why he did that?? Thats stupid.
bbystace bbystace Oct 11, 2016
The story line is great, wonderful even but the execution could be a little better
MixCabrera MixCabrera Nov 26, 2016
If I was her, I will not sign the papers with only ten thousand dollars!
pansyeyes pansyeyes Jun 21, 2016
No matter what the reason is betraying your other half is never acceptable a woman can tolerate anything but never betrayal and he made his choice so he should live by it
pansyeyes pansyeyes Jun 21, 2016
Please don't make the same mistake making woman weak and pathetic she deserves to be happy with someone else who'll love all of her and be faithful am not saying kill him just let him go and let her move on with someone else give her some self respect backbone and dignity
elnorap elnorap Nov 22, 2015
He cheated and she only gets 10 thousand where was her lawyer?