His Ex-Wife

His Ex-Wife

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Stefanie Herrera By dazzelment91 Completed

Malia found her husband that man she vowed to forever love cheating on her with not one but with multiple women at the same time. Betrayed by her husband Mason she vowed to never let him or anyone hurt or humiliate her again!

But the question of her heart remains will she be able to love again?

Cover Credit to @damn_Daniel

I'd be like 
                              "Oh haha thanks ok bye I gotta go" 
                              And just sprint out of there
So_962 So_962 Apr 01
I dont like the fact thy he only noticed  her when she was looking pretty
Me: Dayummm
                              Also me: HES SUCH A JERK AND IDIOT
                              Me Again..: He's got game tho
Bitch what??? You were just putting your Willy in not one, but 3 vaginas!!! Wtf are you talking about!??? And why Tf would you tell him where your going?? Or even talk to him!?? Ughhhhh
_zana_ _zana_ Aug 11
Why Master in something you don't show interest in...I'm not saying like why would someone who doesn't like math want to master Business but if you get a masters in arts in fashion, at least you would have some knowledge of how to dress well and nice...
SimplyAndyx SimplyAndyx Aug 14
Damn he's definitely getting some. I thought one was bad but 3?! This nigga sure knows how 2 play.