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The Post-It Note Girl

The Post-It Note Girl

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ᴅɪᴀɴᴀ ᴡᴏᴏᴅs By I_Am_Unbroken Completed

*SIDENOTE: (((written by my 12 year old self)) Though this is a book full of errors, short parts, and cliches, it helped a few hundred young teens out there, and that is why I decided to keep it. If you still want to continue on reading and bare with the story then I hope you enjoy. xx


17 year old Alexis Shields is your shy, typical girl you see at school. She likes when people know her for the "shy girl." Because being shy, can have some advantages, too. Little did they know, she's the Post-It Note Girl. Yep, the mysterious person who leaves inspirational quotes on everyone's locker.

Meet James Logan. 

The schools rebel, and jock gets a bit curious on who this Post-It Note Girl is,  so he decides to to his English Project on her. Oh yeah- did I mention he's also a bully. Which also happens to bully, Alexis Shields and makes her life like a living hell? 

But what happens when he finds out that Alexis is the Post-It Girl? Little did he know he's getting more, than what he bargained for..

ruby-live ruby-live Jun 10
tøp, p!atd, mcr, sws, ptv, fob, halsey, and more that I really can't name
                              the 1975
                              the nbhd
                              the killers
                              the script
                              the fray
                              blink 182
Wait wtf...This story just took a major turn. I did not know self harm was going to be in this. Someone needs to write Post It Notes for her.
he is Freaking annoying. my friend woUld say, "not as annoying as you..." my friends Can be annoying. liKe really annoying. (look at the capital letters. they spell a word. so that word than you james. ____ you James)
_Hoodles_ _Hoodles_ Nov 14, 2016
Omg i read this ages ago like srsly ages ago I think long enough when It had actually was getting updated oh god here I go
_hermione_1 _hermione_1 Oct 15, 2016
My school doesn't do bells so instead the teacher dismisses us but they have a certain time for doing it