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Kim By Kim_reed219 Updated Oct 12, 2015

"I, Taylor Manchester, soon to be alpha of the Blood Moon Pack, reject you, Elizabeth Collinway, as my mate." He said.

"Do you think I care?" I chucked slightly making the entire cafeteria gasp.

"What?" He asked in surprise.

"I said do you think I care? Cause honestly. I don't." I said before going to sit next to my best friend leaving him in shock.


Elizabeth wasn't your average nerd. But to everyone she was. At school she had straight a's, she was on the debate team, and she wore glasses but outside of school, she was a completely different story.

Taylor was the typical high school player, quarterback, and bad boy. He got what he wanted when he wanted. He rejected people, they didn't reject him. 

But when these two opposites collide, the unexpected should be expected.

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Why do all the sluts have names like Bethany, Elle, Barbie, etc?
yo_main_hoe yo_main_hoe Aug 08, 2017
All the the feminist reading this are wanting to choke this dude
KawaiiNerd14 KawaiiNerd14 Jan 25, 2017
BITCH STFU BEFORE I SKIN U USING A FRUIT PEELER. Saying girls cant fight. Please. Boys dont have the balls to freaking shut up and be a man
jaylove143 jaylove143 Mar 21, 2015
I need a friend like Liz in my life lol she seem fun and laid bck
janielee53 janielee53 Nov 29, 2014
I usually need more than one chapter to tell so bare with me.....what really got my interest was you title! Looking forward to more! :)
rain841 rain841 Oct 31, 2014
Omg I totally love your story please keep going with it it's really awesome :)