Tattoos And Cigarettes [A Destiel Fanfiction]

Tattoos And Cigarettes [A Destiel Fanfiction]

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Lena Kirby By Living_Dead_Lena Completed

Punk!Castiel and Nerd!Dean AU. Cover made my Lineart on Tumblr

Dean has everything. His parents don't mind that he likes boys, he's a grade A student, and he just has a lot going for him. But there's a beautiful boy who's attire screams danger. Dean just can't seem to stay away though.

Rated R for: sexual content, drug usage, self harm, strong language, and anything else that could make a nun faint.

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CatwomanMia CatwomanMia Feb 03
Green’s my fav too! My parents always say when I was little, I always called it “Yoshi green” since I was obsessed with Yoshi for some reason lol and I refused to believe it was a boy
hpotter2003 hpotter2003 Jan 29
If your feeling irritated Dean, don't u have a great big textbook in your hands that could be used to hit someone? Great icebreaker right there
CatwomanMia CatwomanMia Feb 03
I’ve never seen it either I don’t think.. And if I did, I don’t remember it
wentzical wentzical Feb 12
i'm going to outright say that sws is unbearable, but whatever punk!cas, you do you
CatwomanMia CatwomanMia Feb 03
                              HOW DOES IT FEEL TO BE LIKE YOU?
                              I THINK YOUR MOUTH SHOULD BE QUIET
                              ‘CAUSE IT NEVER TELLS THE TRUTH
Am I the only one that thought it meant he actually exploded for a sec and got real concerned, real quick?