Trying to Get You [BTS Fan-Fiction]

Trying to Get You [BTS Fan-Fiction]

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Choi Sunmi is a girl. A lonely girl. She talks to herself a lot, doesn't open to people, and forget "some" certain things easily. She lives with her dad who harasses her. Not to say, he even harass her to the point where she lost her virginity.

Rap Monster is a guy. An outgoing guy. He transfer to the school that all his other six friends goes to and begins to become interested in Sunmi. He tries as hard as he could to get to know her but it's not that easy. Why? Well, because she forgets a lot and she doesn't open to anyone but herself. 

Together, they don't make a pretty good combination but fate brings them together anyways. Life goes on, she opens up to him. Does that mean he got know her and he also got her too? 

I don't know but let's see.


Hello. Previously, I wrote a fanfiction like this but I deleted it before finishing it. This version is different from the other. Enjoy ^_^


VAAWolf VAAWolf Jun 08
Tbh that's me when I first meet people, then next thing you know, I'm just like, "THIS IS MY FAVORITE PERSON."
aShyJimin aShyJimin Jun 27
*wonders how she gets an A in a class when she doesn't pay attention while having a horrible memory*
I feel her. I'm used to classmates always fo this sh*t
I've lost all my best friends so I'm not even bothering anymore
RamizeAjeti RamizeAjeti Aug 31
So true. Even if she is just a character in a book, we will pity her
VAAWolf VAAWolf Jun 08
I relate when I'm home alone I start talking to myself and I'll say some stupid thing and tell myself to shut up