Being a Black

Being a Black

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Christianne By midnightowl Updated Jul 28, 2015

{Squeal to Finding the Way}

Returning for their fourth year at Hogwarts, Phoenix and Leo Black are sure in for their most interesting year yet.

This story follows a mash up of the movies and books.

Divine108 Divine108 Aug 18
Love it!! Your books are amazing, you have some magnificent talent!
Again, never gonna happen. Never even gonna tell his kids or his wife, either...
Ok I'm sorry to all of those Pharry shippers but does anyone else agree that Pheorge should be a thing?
I think ur a wonderful writer and I hope u have fun writing!!!!!
Actually she is a half blood. If a pure blood married a pardon me mud blood the child is a half blood
addelicious addelicious Jan 31
Hun, the only amateur thing about your stories is the spelling, but we all know what you mean (most of the time at least)
                              You are amazing. I look forward to the end of the day to where I can relax with fanfic and yours is usually the one I read