Benevolent || Johnny Cade FanFiction

Benevolent || Johnny Cade FanFiction

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Quinn Newston has never had a lot goin for her, yeah sure she's got brains and she skipped a grade in school, but where she's from that doesn't get you very far. 

She's always had to take peoples crap, whether it's from her parents or kids at school. So she runs away to Tulsa Oklahoma from her home in Houston Texas.

It happened to be just a normal day livin on the streets when she had her first run in with a Soc, or many Socs. After she gets jumped by them her life changes forever. 

She gets saved by a gang full of boys. Shocker I know. She eventually gets to know each of them pretty well, and they start to seem more and more like the family she's never had.

Then there's Johnny. Not so much like family, there seems to be more going on between them. Quinn has to deal with heartbreak, betrayal, tragedies, and Sarrah. Yes Sarrah, Johnny's ex who makes her life a living hell. 

Want to know more? Well you gotta read to find out.

A/N: let me just say I wrote this a long time ago and there are a lot of plot holes and grammar mistakes soooo read at your own risk

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Ruea_Loves_Gaming Ruea_Loves_Gaming Feb 02, 2017
HHHHHHMMMMMM... omi... if you give her green eyes she looks like a girl Harry Potter!!!
muah_grace_ muah_grace_ Jun 15, 2016
Omg what a coincidence! My husband Johnny Cade lives there. Maybe you've heard of him lol😂
johnnycurtis johnnycurtis Nov 29, 2015
okay so not criticizing your writing or anything but "ya'll" means more then one person (you-all) so it wouldn't really work for this situation BUT I LOVE THIS BOOK KEEP IT UP AGAIN I'M NOT TRYING TO BE RUDE OR ANYTHING OKAY ALRIGHT
_happinessisawarmgun _happinessisawarmgun Oct 03, 2015
I LIVE IN HOUSTON TEXAS........ probably shouldn't have told many people on the Internet my location.......oh well, kids... Don't do what I just did
kelseyxflores kelseyxflores Sep 23, 2015
KELLIN IS THAT YOU?!?!?!?!?!?! (Sorry I'm a band girl ok I'll go bye *hides in corner and disappears*)