Wanting Her

Wanting Her

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ThatDemonicCutie By ThatDemonicCutie Updated Jun 09, 2017

When your given two options in life which would you pick?..: One to move from foster home to foster home till your too old for the state to take care of you and toss you out into the real world or become a caretaker.

Lucinda Owens picked the easiest option.

To give up falling in love, having kids and most importantly giving up the human world to become a nanny to a pure blood vampire's youngling. To love and protect them till death delivers his lethal kiss or your master sucks you dry.

To Lucinda this was the easiest option.

To the pushy egoistic 
alpha male she meets this was worst. When things take a turn for Lucinda, she has no choice but to trust her "mate". 

Samuel was a determined wolf and rarely gave up in his life. Once a beta's son now the alpha of the Fall Creek pack and one of the top three strongest packs in America and south America. He's determined to get his mate; Even if he has to play dirty.

  • aggressive
  • alpha
  • anger
  • drama
  • fighting
  • hate
  • heartbreak
  • kids
  • love
  • master
  • obsessive
  • pain
  • possessive
  • romantic
  • supernatural
  • triangle
  • vampire
  • vampires
  • war
  • werewolves
MarandaNichole106 MarandaNichole106 Jan 20, 2017
Need a few minor fixes. But good so far. There are words  missing here and there and a couple mispelled words.