A Witch's Woes (Black Butler)

A Witch's Woes (Black Butler)

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CuriousCatty By CuriousCatty Updated May 06, 2015

~Black Butler adaptation~

"Curiosity is, in great and generous minds, the first passion and the last." - Samuel Johnson

Adelheid Heidrich is a young German woman enjoying her freedom, going only where her feet take her. Yet one day she spots a strange confident man, and her curiosity takes a hold of her as she is thrown into the world of "Phantomhive." The man, none other than Ciel Phantomhive, has been completely captivated by her, with her devious amethyst eyes and her seemingly innocent smile as she floats in the air. Yes, floats. As both characters with twisted pasts strive to reveal each other's feelings, a dangerous demon returns from Ada's past. And this time, Ada won't be able to run away. Curious yourself? Click on "A Witch's Woes" and find out if curiosity really killed the cat.

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friedas friedas Oct 24, 2015
I just can't help myself
                              I want to correct that sentence (I'm sorry) it should be: 'Warum tragen sie (or' trägst du'[that's the informal way to address someone]) eine Augenklappe?'
                              'Fleck' means -stain- in english
                              Sorry if it sounded criticising
MegaraOrJustMeg MegaraOrJustMeg May 13, 2015
The reason why you don't have more views is beyond me. This is so good!
Gunsmkee Gunsmkee May 06, 2015
You write so good! I'm in love with your writing, I can't. I just can't.