Through the Anger (Sequel to Through the Sorrow)

Through the Anger (Sequel to Through the Sorrow)

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Mickey and the Gladers have made it out the Maze and taken by WICKED to a building. They were told they were safe and that they were away from the Maze. But that was only Phase one of the trials. Mickey must know cross the Scorch with the Gladers to reach Safe Haven before The Flare infects them completely.

 The whole series:
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The Death Cure sequel:

My own sequel (After Death Cure in Paradise):

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Co_co_mn Co_co_mn Jul 26
They r French kissing in front of Minho... I wanna see how this turns out 🤓
Am i d only 1 who read between  breasts im sorry i hava a durty mind
rebelllll rebelllll Jul 25
I just published my first Newt fanfic and would LOVE if you checked it out!  
                              Here's the link:
paigesicker paigesicker Jun 27
I feel bad for the other Gladers!!  They have to witness all the lovey-dovey stuff!!
Mmhmhmhmhmhmhmhm then why did you kiss Thomas in the last book hmm  😏😏😏