Heart's Tempo (Wattys2014) [EDITING]

Heart's Tempo (Wattys2014) [EDITING]

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Nisa had tried so hard to forget her past with Henry, the rich, handsome, brilliantly talented violinist who left her years ago. No, she wasn’t the bitter, loathing, man-hater her sister describes her to be. At least that’s according to her. To Nisa, having a boyfriend was the last thing on her mind and graduating college was on the top of her list and she did not need a distraction. But when Henry suddenly appeared again, wanting her back, it was like she was sent to the past. She thought all the anger, all the hate that she felt towards Henry were gone, but seeing him again just reminded her of the pain he caused her. 

Fourth is a self supporting  student, taking on every possible part time jobs he can so he can enroll to a famous music school. All he wanted was to study music; specifically piano. He had the talent – he can play anything he hears, even just once. To him, going to the music school is everything. After what happened with Raina he never thought he’d find someone who can make him feel alive again, and that was Nisa. Or is it because he sees Raina in Nisa?  Would he give her up or would he pursue her, knowing his rival would be Henry, who can give the world to Nisa?
Two talented musicians, Henry and Fourth, both fighting for Nisa’s heart. 

Should Nisa choose Henry, who has hurt her before? Or should she choose Fourth, who can’t seem to let go of his past? At what tempo will Nisa’s heart play for these two talented musicians?

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