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What These Bruises Say ›› n.h

What These Bruises Say ›› n.h

1.9M Reads 40.4K Votes 26 Part Story
not sam By anchorsahoy Completed

Scarlett is abused. Abused by the only person she has left. She turns to music to help her enjoy life. But when her father disapproves of her passion, she leaves. Only to run into Niall Horan. Scarlett has never heard of One Direction. So when Niall takes care of her, her entire life turns upside down. Writing songs for One Direction is never easy. Especially when your psycho maniac of a father is after you.

hilalkutuk hilalkutuk Jan 02
Niall, louis, harry, liam, Zack, its zen, whatever you say big guy
CatyCoffey CatyCoffey Jan 25
YouTube has been around for longer than 2 years. So she must have been living under a rock before her mom died
SolitarySoldiers SolitarySoldiers Dec 20, 2016
He is like both of my parents rolled into one guy... I feel her pain
Kick_the_Phan_Stickz Kick_the_Phan_Stickz Oct 08, 2016
-Stabs self repeatedly- -chokes on blood- -bangs head against wall- -gets migraine- -pulls out hair- -closes eyes- -opens eyes- This fandom is too much for me
Half an hour? I can't run a 2 miles in less than 16 minutes. Yes I have to run 2 miles in my gym class and it's always that time I end up after those miles.
hilalkutuk hilalkutuk Jan 02
I say baby please have mercy on me, take it easy on my heart!!!!!!!!!! How??? How??? One does not simply not know YouTube where you see greatness happen like sexy videos of one direction, what?? I meant where you learn new things from.....