Cinder Ella

Cinder Ella

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Cinderella was a beautiful girl with rags who ended doing the impossible by marrying the prince.

A typical beautiful fairytale to make kids happy.

But the tale we all know today about Cinderella is just a tale, a myth and a incandescent beauty.

Something that no one will ever know if it was the true story of that great character of Disney.

It is a mystery that has been covered with so many other versions of it, so many lies and fixations.

But the real story of Cinderella doesn't need lies or fixations to be beautiful

.And there it is the real story of Cinderella, a short book of fiction, mystery, fan fiction and adventure.

And above all; romance.

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angelhair16 angelhair16 Oct 26, 2016
Cinderella is a star, how creative! I felt a bit confusing when I first read it.
aly i was bare confused at first, but then i got it ! :) *laughing and clapping*
miriam-angge miriam-angge Jan 10, 2015
well hon bring it on..... make a unique cinderella story.....