My Dad's Best Friend And I(Completed) #WATTYS2016

My Dad's Best Friend And I(Completed) #WATTYS2016

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Kenny_J By LoveandWar24 Completed

After a car accident takes Samantha Jeffries' mother away, Sam is forced to live with her father that she hasn't seen since she was 10, after he cheated and left them. But what she doesn't expect is to meet the stunning Jordan Wells. Her Dad's Best Friend.

*Sequel is My Teacher and I*

(Book One of the Forbidden Series)

lmao android phone uses must be confused (I don't think they have emojis)
Not Really I Mean They Supposed To Yes But Not All Do Cause Mine Sure Don't
Loan? So you're gonna give it back? How? I think you mean Donor*
Wtf dude I'm freaking right now because my 'fathers' name is Michael and he's a piece of shít that's never around 😂😂
capndred capndred Mar 30
I imagined her throwing a Suitcases in like a pile of drunks....idk why but that's all that popped into my head that typo threw me off😂😂
No! I just have a cast on that I have to keep on for like 3 months, but it's not real!