The Fighters Girl

The Fighters Girl

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Previous title: The Fighter

When Hawk and Hazel meet on a plane, they made a deal. Tell all, no judging,  make out afterwards, and they will never see each other again. But when they are thrown together after the flight and learn that they live not two hours away from each other, the deal changes.

"So, here's the thing," he started in a rough voice. She swallowed and now it was her turn to inspect his lips. "You think I'm hot. I think you're smoking hot. Why be bored when we both know that we could spend the next four hours releasing this crazy sexual tension that'll only build."

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demonwarrior21 demonwarrior21 Aug 04, 2016
I finally found it.!! Ive been looking for this book for days.!🙊❤️ @PinkLingerie why did you chane the name😭 
                              P.s. I love this book read it over a thousand times ❤️😂
masqued_kitkat masqued_kitkat May 15, 2016
@pointlesstequila why does the guy on the cover look like the science teacher?
OceannBliss OceannBliss Jan 15, 2016
This is crazy, 100% true and crazy... My name is Hazel and I've always loved the name Hawkins... This is just crazy!!!! I'm going to have to read it now!
JessTheInternalMess JessTheInternalMess Jan 09, 2016
So wait... I read this book a few months ago and i finished it, now I want to reread it but somehow the chapters all got deleted? But you will repost them all right, cause I absolutely loved this book.
BitchinBizzle BitchinBizzle Jan 08, 2016
uhhggg love this story i feel like its been a year since i last read it and now i cant
Colorful_Spirit77 Colorful_Spirit77 Dec 29, 2015
Wait, how tf did this story get over 37.4k without one damned chapter? Tell me your secret!!!