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My Biggest Mistake (A Melix Fanfic)

My Biggest Mistake (A Melix Fanfic)

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Ugh.Youtube By canyoueveninternet Updated Aug 19, 2015

Felix and Marzia was one of the cutest couples on YouTube, that was until Felix stopped caring about the relationship, he never hangs out with Marzia, he doesn't do videos with her, he hardly talks to her, and he is stuck in his room playing video games for hours, Marzia is trying to keep up with all of this, because she still loves him, but he can't see it because the only thing he focus on is Youtube and his bros,this kept on going on for a month, till Marzia can't take it anymore, she wants to talk about it, but Felix still didn't care, he didn't seem sad or hurt by what she was talking about, he thought that the bros would help him and he thought that he needs them more than he needs her, so he broke up with her, which made Marzia more and more heartbroken, but after a few days Felix starts to feel alone ,he realised that Marzia means the world to him, she is his everything.He made the biggest mistake in his life.

"What have I done"!!!!

shelzians shelzians Aug 07, 2016
Lol it's morning? I've been thinking it was night. When I watch their vlogs they do so much and I think it's the end of the day but it's only twelve o'clock afternoon.
shelzians shelzians Aug 07, 2016
We have pugs. He is the most subscribed YouTuber. I'm the most subscribed Italian on YouTube with nearly 6 million marzipans. So, what are You doing with Your life?
IvyRadio2016 IvyRadio2016 Oct 31, 2016
Even tho she gets really upset, I can see why she would stay. I mean she traveled all the way from Italy to live with Felix🌆🏙🌃
Livlovesbooks13 Livlovesbooks13 Jul 19, 2016
I can't believe I am saying this but stop loving us more than marzia pewds!!!!
aestheticxandrea aestheticxandrea Oct 25, 2015
"We have pugs." Probably the most important part in their YouTube career and their relationship in real life.
                              (but all joking aside I love the pugs and they're very cute and it's so cute that they have pugs aha)
YoutubeStalkerPerson YoutubeStalkerPerson Jan 02, 2015
Oops. About a week ago, about a week ago. I'm a bad person. Carry on with the story.