Flames || Sequel to Feathers

Flames || Sequel to Feathers

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Destiel Trash 💅 By wingsandhunters Completed

Sequel to Feathers:

So the battle begins. Due to the queen of hell, Zandriel, kicking all demons out of hell, the creatures are starting to infest earth. That many demons on one small planet tend to cause a few problems and only one species are able to sort them all out. Angels.

Castiel was just a normal teenage boy apart from the small fragment of the fact that he had wings. With the help of his trusted boyfriend Dean Winchester, he had passed all of his stages and was now able to use his powers to the full extent. With his older sister, Zandriel asking him for help, he contemplates on whether he should trust her or not,down to the fact that she was now slowly turning into the most dark and powerful demon. Castiel and Dean have to embark on a lethal and dangerous mission to finally rid the world of all demons by either killing them or saving them and sending them to heaven to become lower class angels. But what happens when demons start to find a way to turn humans into angels?

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Fdog122 Fdog122 Oct 15
                              WHAT'D I MISS. 
IzziDreme IzziDreme Sep 22
It's like the universe doesn't want these guys to have peaceful sex...
RissLucifer RissLucifer May 18, 2016
                              Luci and Michael
                              Cas and Dean
                              Sam and Gabe
                              Am I missing someone
cattheneko cattheneko Jun 26, 2016
Dear Chuck there are only 16 chapters and an epilogue. o-o That....kinda worries me....
musicdemialltimelow musicdemialltimelow Apr 29, 2016
It's 2 in the morning. I have school in 5 hours. This would be a great stopping point. Aaaaaand I'm reading the next chapter.