Taylor Caniff's Sister

Taylor Caniff's Sister

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Sydney By princess_mousie Completed

Kayla didn't expect her brother would become famous. Now her whole life has been flipped upside down. Instead of sitting at home texting her only two friends, she will be on the Magcon tour meeting thousands of fans! 

(Sorry about the boring description, but this story I basically about Taylor Caniff's made up sister)

**I wrote this when I was 11/12 soooo it's not that great but go ahead and read it**

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gracielea05baker gracielea05baker Mar 28, 2016
I'm almost 15 live in Leonard can speak French I have an amazing British accent and I'm the most popular girl in school
chelsmw123 chelsmw123 May 17, 2016
That happened to me when a boy that was popular said hey Chelsea I was so confused on why he was talking to me
UnofficialFizzy UnofficialFizzy Jun 20, 2016
Where I live you're considered popular by the amount of cows/fields your parents own:-/
superpuppyluver superpuppyluver Oct 05, 2016
I have 4 brothers they have 5 friends and they practicaly live here XD my brothers were jumping on my bead this morning 2 of their friends were recording and 3 of them were staring at me laughing XD
lmdancer lmdancer Aug 18, 2015
same, same, same, and same except for the Indiana part and the sibling part and the color part... so we're basically the same person
TheBritMurican TheBritMurican Jul 09, 2015
Also I love pink, never had a bf, and i have danced competitively for 6 years :) we are like the same person! #twins