Elites (18+)

Elites (18+)

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Molly Night By MollyNight Updated Apr 03, 2016

"Money runs the world, don't ever doubt that, babe."

Fate likes to play sick and twisted games on us.

Fate hates me, I swear.

I don't belong in this world, I don't belong in his world... But why does Fate insist on pulling me back time after time? Why does Fate insist on making me suffer? I thought I was free of expectations, free of judgmental stares, free of the world of Elites, the world of Zayn Alexander and his breathtaking smiles. I didn't want to be dragged back in, didn't want to be suffocating in the presence of him. Fate has turned my happiness to bitter pain once before, why does it insist on doing it again?

Possibilities of old wounds reopening was around every corner, and the constant nagging presence, and sexual advances of Harry was the last thing I needed. Harry Arlington was not someone who handled rejections well. 

'Life is no fun without love' he said. Even with all the money in the world, he wouldn't be able to buy my heart.

Two weeks my stay in New York was meant for. Two weeks was all I agreed to. I didn't want to get pulled back into the heartless society belonging to the Elites. I never anticipated the change looming in the distance.


mizisabella mizisabella May 10
i came on here just to see the dick jokes and im not disappointed
They probably gave big ass house you won't be seeing them like 70% od the time anygay
This will be me in autumn. Private Boarding School here I come