how I got dragged into this

how I got dragged into this

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this is about a girl who dresses up as a boy.She does this because of the horrible past she had.

ouran high school host club fanfiction

rest of the info in prologue

  • haruhi
  • hikaru
  • honey
  • koaru
  • kyoya
  • mori
  • ohshc
  • ranka
  • renge
17_KatE-XO_BTS 17_KatE-XO_BTS Mar 09, 2017
I imagined it was someone from Ootori family or workers and I'm here like plz no plz no plz no...
RNMdancergirl RNMdancergirl Mar 25, 2017
I'm reading these comments like... boi how are you guys this tall I'm only 15 and 5'0". You guys are a head taller than me.😂
Calamity00Unknown Calamity00Unknown Sep 02, 2017
spoiler alert... --->(dad still alive until later) I believe this spoils some later plots?
fxckzz fxckzz Mar 31, 2017
I live in a constant state of fear and misery, do you miss me anymore?
                              And I don't even notice when it hurts anymore anymore anymore anymore
xM1stx xM1stx Jul 08, 2017
So she hates the entire host club (except Mori) especially the twins and also me.
The_Sub_Wolf The_Sub_Wolf Feb 17, 2017
It's always the frying pan!! It's always the freakin frying pan!! Hahahahahaha!!!!