Austin and Ally have sex

Austin and Ally have sex

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Austin turned the shower on. He waited for the water to turn warm. He was about to step into the shower, when his phone buzzed. He picked up his iPhone and found that he had gotten a text message from Ally.

Hey Austin, can you come over? I need help with this song I'm writing. 

Yeah, sure. Be there in 30 min. Austin texted back.

He put his phone down on the counter and slipped into the shower. He began to fantazize about Ally. He smiled as his member hardened. He wouldn't ever admit it, but he was proud of it. It was 9 inches, the same color as his honey-white skin. He knew he shouldn't have feelings for Ally, but he did. And at the mere mention of Ally, he got all jittery inside. He grasped his member, and moved his hand up and down quickly, imagining Ally's plump lips around it. He shuddered, and he began spurting out ropes of creamy white cum. He quickly rinsed off.

Austin knocked on the door of Ally's room. "Ally?" he called.

Ally opened the door. "Hey Austin, come...

I couldn't read it all because it was so gross and I can't believe people have s-e-x
This isn't your story. You're supposed to give credit to the actual author...
I just can't see Austin doing that to Ally and ally saying those words
I legit almost woke my parents up from laughing so hard. And falling off my bed. 😂😂