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Dark-Chocolate By fantasy_differ Completed

"I love you" Josh said. 

I look in his hazel eyes. "Why?" I questioned, he got closer to me. My back was up against the wall, he was 2 inches away from me. 

"What do you mean 'why'?" 

"I-I'm not your type. I'm ugly, fat and werid" I look down, he cuffed my chin and made me look up at him. 

"Your everything I want in a woman. Your not fat, your thick. Your pretty, hell even beatiful not ugly. I love werid" tears was in my eyes, he softly kisses my lips.

"Don't you want the other girls?"

"No....I only want you"
Has mistakes. Please do not judge. Also I'm trying to edit the book, so if you see the chapters in different formats, bare with me.

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KayAnnette4 KayAnnette4 Mar 19, 2016
I thought she said "I have two boyfriends and 1 girlfriend" I was about to say well damn
TABE419 TABE419 Aug 03, 2016
So we not gonna speak on how that boy kissed a 7 year old..👀.. half his age..👀.. and how he's like a mini pedomoon 🌚.....? Oh mmkay🚶🏾🚶🏾
TrensFutureIsMinajey TrensFutureIsMinajey Feb 01, 2016
I need me one 😭 i dont get how guys and lesbos be like they cant trust bi girls nah fam you just insecure 🙄
smartcookies25 smartcookies25 Sep 26, 2016
The intro is nice. The character seems shy.  Ant wait to read  her journey.
Anee_jay Anee_jay Aug 15, 2016
Hol up😂 we not bout to skip over that. This lil nigga kissed a lil baby💀💀💀
SavageMentality SavageMentality Dec 03, 2015
@daddyfanta u r so right I be wondering when a book like this Will be created