Art Of Dominance (BDSM) Story 3 (ON HOLD)

Art Of Dominance (BDSM) Story 3 (ON HOLD)

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Lu By HaleyDea Updated Apr 15, 2013

"I like a sub who feel helpless... vulnerable even... who needs protection....
who needs a Master to keep her safe when at her most sexually vulnerable....
 I believe it's a Master's responsibility for the safety and security of His sub...
once you know that... once you truly know that your Master will keep you safe...
then you can give yourself over completely to Him...
and only then, can  you feel truly owned"


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sydneysms1 sydneysms1 Jul 19, 2014
Please can you put the private chapters for this book up on
lmfaodeedee lmfaodeedee Jun 25, 2014
Can you just make a special book for all your private chapters, or that we have to follow you so we can read them..? That would make life so much easier
RekatBrooks RekatBrooks May 07, 2013
Which book is Story 1 ? I read story 2 but not sure if I have the books right. What is he order to read these?
WordsOnFire WordsOnFire Apr 12, 2013
There's a bit too many exclamation points but this is good :D
HaleyDea HaleyDea Nov 30, 2012
@ClarissaSmithBurns That's Sebastian...Here is a link to my website with all the Character!my-books/c24bz