A Pirated Heart

A Pirated Heart

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Alyssa Ammons By darkdemon125 Completed

Arabella Cartridge had her heart stolen and it wasn't metaphorically. Driven by the need for revenge against the sea witch who stole it, Arabella has turned to piracy in an attempt to steal back her heart and kill the witch. There's just one problem: a curse that keeps Arabella from dying also keeps her from finding or remembering what the witch looks like. It's this curse that gives Arabella strange abilities. These abilities lead one man to question her very existence aboard his ship: Captain Kaden Lockes 

Suddenly Arabella and Kaden find themselves surrounded by dangerous and otherworldly creatures.  Now the two of them must team up along with a wary Leviathan and Arabella's overeager brother to fight not only the sea witch, but also a nasty navy admiral with a grunge against Arabella. Witches, secrets and myths make themselves known as Kaden learns why Arabella is so jaded and why her heart was so valued. 

Too bad, the truth could kill them.

Highest Ranking: #1 in Adventure
NANOWRIMO novel 2014

Current cover made by @brit_naive29

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Wow. Super awesome prologue! I'm totally engrossed right now!!!
O really laddie? Under attack!? I thought someone just put on a fire show!?
lcurt33 lcurt33 May 23
She is practically immortal know and she can't feel pain so why would she need to pass out if they can't technically hurt her
Trombolii Trombolii Feb 24, 2016
This is really great! Makes me question whether my first chapter is strong enough cause yours is a punch in throat (in a good way! lol)
Deliquio Deliquio Feb 21, 2016
Oh no way in hell. Didn't notice, Sherlock. Something else you wanna point out? 
                              (Tis is not meant to be taken offensively)
Deliquio Deliquio Feb 21, 2016
Oh hell no. Bitch you wanna steal my heart, but it ain't that way! You👏🏻 gonna👏🏻 have👏🏻 to👏🏻 earn👏🏻 it!👏🏻