What Is This "Love" You're Talking About (Love Doesn't Lie Sequel)

What Is This "Love" You're Talking About (Love Doesn't Lie Sequel)

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Hermione walked through a narrow street before she finally arrived right where she wanted to be. Hermione carefully made her way through the crowd until she was standing right under the balcony of Juliet. Hermione smiled to herself and took in a deep breath. She made it. She had been traveling the past three months through Europe. First Spain, where she had stayed for a month, then France and now Italy. In every place she had stayed she had worked to earn some more money to get to her next destination and up until now everything worked out pretty good. She knew running away had been a good choice, even though it broke her heart to leave everyone and everything behind, especially Draco. As she looked up at the balcony of Juliet, right there in the city of Verona, she felt an urge to call Draco, the person she would've loved to have with her right there and then. But she knew she couldn't. She needed to keep her distance and she obviously knew calling wouldn't get her very far, as for the fact Draco didn't have a mobile nor did he probably ever see one. And who says he wanted to even see her? Or hear from her? It wouldn't surprise her if he never wanted to see or hear her again. 

 The sequel to Love Doesn't Lie (Dramione Love Story). What happened after Hermione left? And where did she go to? Will she ever come back? Will she ever be reunited with Draco, the love of her life, or did she find someone else? And what happened to Ginny, Harry, Ron and the others? And what about the True Love bond Draco and Hermione share? 

 A story by MissDaisyCrown, also known by my stories Love Doesn't Lie, Are You The One That I Want? And Something Unexpected

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I'm excited to read the sequel! I'm expecting Hermione & Draco to find each other again. I remember in the first story, it was said about the true love that they'd always find their way back to one another. *fingers crossed* 💚🐍💚
OK in your last story why did you have to do that to me please please please bring her and Draco back together
This is supposed to be a Dramione story. If they don't end up together I an going to develop some serious trust issues.
beesnow beesnow Dec 31, 2015
THANK GOD there is a sequel. I read the last one in a non-stop 10 hours and was left with an aching heart. I thought I might puke. Please don't hurt us like that again!
booksaremy1friend booksaremy1friend Aug 22, 2015
This is hurting meeeee! Why would you do this!!!! *keeps reading and ignores the world*
DR2001 DR2001 Jun 19, 2015
if she finds someone else I will eat their food and burn their house down