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Adopted by Black Veil Brides

Adopted by Black Veil Brides

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toxicdreamer02 By toxicdreamer02 Completed

"Leave me alone" I whispered. Cassidy just laughed. "No wonder your parents killed themselves, nobody would want a disgusting thing like you" she said with venom in her words. Ouch. I could feel the tears pricking my eyes. I refuse to give her the pleasure of seeing me cry. "Girls, get ready someone has come to take a look at you all" head mistress called. "you might as well stay here. Nobidy would want you." Cassidy sauntered away.  I walk back to my room and brush my unruly hair. I looked in the mirror one last time. Fucking ugly ass. I pull out my ipod and start to blare give 'em hell kid by My Chem. I walk down the stairs and get in line with the other 16 year old girls. Cassidy sends me a glare and I smile back sweetly and twist my electric blue hair around my finger like she does.  Welp. That pissed her off. Not that I care anymore. I stare at the ground when the people walk in. They dont want me so I dont want to see them. I see black combat boots stop in front of me.  I look up...

Damn she has more jeans then me. I make up for it in shirts tho. I think I have 10- 15 band tees.
MeAndNutellaBelong MeAndNutellaBelong Dec 05, 2016
Daddy!! Andy is so smexy bro!!! My blue eyed smexy talented ass husbando!!! (Smexy: The baby of the two words Sexy and smart)
xXms_wallflowerXx xXms_wallflowerXx Nov 14, 2016
Brush. That's way more than me. I mean I own a crap load not makeup but I only own 2pairs of jeans and 5 or 6 shirts. Idk if you wanna count my pm shirt.
sappylittlebitch sappylittlebitch Nov 25, 2015
Thought he was going to say Welcome To The Black Parade.... 0.o
GirlBehindTheScreens GirlBehindTheScreens Nov 06, 2015
That's more than me
                              2 shirts
                              2 jeans
                              1 leggings 
                              and black boots
texas_is_forever texas_is_forever Oct 07, 2015
my friends call my fluffy but i don't know why. I don't care anyways