The Alpha's Rogue Mate

The Alpha's Rogue Mate

169K Reads 4.4K Votes 20 Part Story
Orcus By JovianNight Completed

#601 Werewolf

Meet Libby, the badass who's the most feared rogue around.
Then meet Damon the soft hearted Alpha. 
What happens when Libby wanders onto the Dark Moons Pack territory home of Alpha Damon. And what happens when they both figure out there mates. Does Libby leave her rogue life and become Luna or does Libby reject Damon and his pack?

Add in creepy stalkers, mysterious letters, crazy sluts and murders into the mix and you have a whole heap of trouble.

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RubyRose-Scythe RubyRose-Scythe Apr 12, 2017
They started it so they can't get mad they should've let her go by but noooooo
llKatll llKatll Mar 10, 2017
So she did all this.. then left it. No wonder her dad is pissed
midnightskies- midnightskies- Jun 03, 2016
This is so amazing. So glad I finally made time to read it. AMAZING!!
Mimi_Safiya Mimi_Safiya Jun 19, 2016
How can she leave her mum when there is a huge possibility that's she will die when she's travelling ?
futurolxgy futurolxgy May 14, 2016
He hair's red. Also, it's wolves not wolfs. Just wanna be on service!
Doe101 Doe101 Oct 06, 2015
awe that is so sad poor mum and get ut girl travel the world. .